受験英語と英会話|vol.1 : How are you?



Hi, This is Taylor! The most common English phrase that appears in every Japanese English textbooks is perhaps, "How are you? I'm fine thank you. And you?" But in reality, this isn't used very often by people in other countries. It sounds very formal. In fact, there are many more common expressions that people use instead.

おそらく教科書で最もよく見る表現は"How are you?" "I'm fine, thank you. And you?" ではないでしょうか。しかしこれは外国ではあまり使われない表現です。とても堅苦しく聞こえます。もっとよく使う代わりの表現がたくさんあるのです。

Instead of "How are you?", many people ask "How's it going?" "How have you been?" "How are you doing?"

受験英語 : How are you?

実際の会話: How's it going? / How have you been? / How are you doing? 

Instead of "I'm fine thank you. And you?", these are more common answers: "I'm alright." "I'm OK." "Fine." "Same as usual."

受験英語 : I'm fine, thank you. And you?

実際の会話: I'm alright. / I'm OK. / Fine. / Same as usual. 

※正しくは all right.  alright はくだけた表現です。

When I returned to America to visit home, I realized that my English had changed a little because of my time in Japan. When I said "How are you?" to people, they gave me strange looks because people aren't used to hearing that.

アメリカに帰省したとき、私が "How are you?"と言ったら、不思議な顔をされました。彼らには聞きなれない表現なのです。どうやら日本での生活が私の英語を少し変えてしまったようです。



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