受験英語と英会話|vol.2 : Shall I ~ ? / Shall we ~ ?



Hi, This is Taylor! Do you often use “Shall I?”
“Shall I?” and “I shall” are no longer common in modern English. “Shall” is very formal and sounds like it’s from an older era. If you read a book that was written many years ago, you will see this kind of expression. But it’s not used very much anymore.

みなさんは“Shall I?” という表現をよく使っていますか? 実は “Shall I?” や “I shall” は堅苦しく古めかしい印象がある表現で、かなり昔に書かれた本を読めばよく見かけますが、今ではあまり使われないのです。

These days, a hotel staff would ask you: “Would you like me to carry your bags?” instead of “Shall I carry your bags?”

受験英語 : Shall I carry your bags?

実際の会話: Would you like me to carry your bags?

Your friend would ask you “Do you want to play soccer?” instead of “Shall we play soccer?"

受験英語 : Shall we play soccer?

実際の会話: Do you want to play soccer?

Your textbook probably also told you that the answer to a “shall we?” question is, “yes, let’s” . However, this is also not common in the modern era.People in America or Britain would say “yes, we should” or “yes, that sounds good” instead.

教科書には “Shall we?” に対する答えとして “Yes, let’s.” が紹介されているかもしれません。しかしこれも現代ではよく使われる表現ではありません。アメリカやイギリスの人たちは、“Yes, we should.” や “Yes, that sounds good.” といった表現を使います。



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